About Synergy

SYNERGY INDUSTRIAL GROUP is an integrated family of  industrial service providers that incorporates a complete network of safety, medical, consultancy and workplace validation services to support oil and gas companies. Synergy evolved from a medical services provider in the Gulf of Mexico into the parent company of industrial service providers who service major upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas companies around the globe.   Since 2000 until now, we have refined to become a group of comprehensive services to meet diversified and often complex needs in industrial and remote environments.  Our team of safety, medical, software specialists and consultants will bring excellence, professionalism and integrity to industrial work sites.  Our services include:

  1. Hyperion Safety Services – HSE Coaches, Fire Watch Personnel,  confined space & high angle rescue teams and more.
  2. Trinity Medical Management Personnel - Paramedics, on-site medical trauma response, occupational medical services, etc.
  3. eVAL Competency Validation Software - Critical equipment and industry competency verification software service.
  4. Dascal Group –  provides specialized consultants to the energy, production and environmental safety sector.



safety scrabble

Synergy Industrial Group’s success is linked to the success of each company we have the privilege to serve.  We are committed to meeting your goals by demonstrating cooperation, professionalism, communication and problem-solving ability.   Our team’s attention to detail and seamless implementation of services leads to a proactive approach which you will experience first hand.  Our passion, success, and integrity is demonstrated in everything we do.

Synergy’s Integration of Services Allow Quick Deployment of Highly Trained Personnel Who Demonstrate:

- Integrity
- Experience
- Professionalism


Synergy Industrial Group integrates different industry specific services under one roof to support all your safety, medical services, competency validation and consultancy  needs.


Our Core Resources Bring Excellence to Your Work Site Through;

  • Rigorously trained staff
  • Rapid deployments of programs and staff
  • Flexible customized programs
  • Personal hands-on service
  • Technology Driven
  • Readily available equipment and personnel
  • Industry leading equipment
  • Team-oriented staff
  • Consultancy for SEMS, ISO 9000 quality management and  industrial safety