Dascal Group  is a global consulting company that offers  specialized consultants to the energy, production and environmental safety sector.  Our priority is to deliver expert advice to our clients from project design to implementation while ensuring operational success with long-term value.  Dascal is driving innovation in key industry issues and we have developed a set of approaches and tools to help clients navigate the increasing uncertainties and complexities of the industry.

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We are dedicated to the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of customized safety services and quality management programs to maximize operations.  Our consultancy includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Planning, development, implementation & maintenance of custom policies/procedures
  • Change management/implementation strategy
  • Quality audits and management

Design & Development

  • Contract advisory / consultancy for projects, programs, tasks, and operations
  • Health & safety programs
  • Management systems
  • Competency assessment systems



Dascal performs safety audits that includes JHA’s (job hazard analysis) as required by SEMS, hazard recognition,  mitigation, and risk assessment. Our inspectors goal is to locate, identify, and report, all conditions on a location that could cause and physical injury, damage to the environment or damage to equipment.  Audits can be conducted in many different locations from drilling rigs (including TLP’s, Spars, and floaters), to production and unmanned platforms, to land drilling rigs, work-over operations, and production facilities including plants and refineries.

  • Gap analysis
  • Internal Audits – Management Systems
    • Quality(API Spec , Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 9001)
    • Health & safety programs (ASSE/AIHA Z10, OHSAS 18001)
    • Environmental (ISO 14001)
    • SEMS (API RP 75)
  • Program Audits
    • Industry programs
    • Contractor Safety (API RP 76)
    • OSHA Compliance Programs
  • Regulatory reviews
  • ISO 9000 initiatives


  • Management system
  • Executive awareness briefings
  • Internal auditing
  • Health & safety programs


  • Health and safety, fire & compliance
  • Industrial /confined space rescue
  • Site management
  • H2S
  • Competency assessment /evaluation