eVAL, a software platform that facilitates information accumulation, management and report functions for personnel and critical equipment competency validation. It enables companies to establish and maintain credible proficiency standards to easily comply with mandated workforce safety regulations.  eVAL software contains measurable competence objectives that enables clients to readily review what skills and tasks employees know and what they may need additional training on.   Critical equipment management is an important component of  eVAL that supports the equipment specification, audits, and certifications to produce validation of industry equipment competency.

eVAL software was designed as a tool to service employers in assessing employee knowledge levels and skills in upstream, midstream and downstream operations in the oil, gas, engineering, petrochemical and manufacturing industries.  eVAL is the solution to all skill proficiency, employee competency, critical equipment knowledge validation needs;

  • penhandAchieves verifiable regulatory compliance
  • Lets you prove your employee competency and win business
  • Attacks the greatest cause of accidents – human error
  • Effectively reduce human error incidents
  • Electronic records with real-time reports via web access
  • Critical equipment management and competency verification