Trinity Medical Services provides highly-trained and certified on-site Trauma Response paramedics to remote drilling companies. Our paramedics serve on various drilling rigs, installations, and other facilities, providing added value and favorable safety and environmental conditions.

Trauma Response Paramedics are trained to prepare for and handle all injuries and medical emergencies on site. Paramedics immediately address problems as they occur;

  • Assess the scope and level of treatment needed
  • Determine the action required and administer treatment
  • Consult with on-staff physicians and safety professionals
  • Deliver an elevated level of care and action

Our paramedics are trained and ready to serve during “down time.” ¬†They are qualified in:

  • Radio Operations
  • Safety Inspections
  • Pre-Coast Guard Inspections
  • Helicopter Landing
  • Log-in and Log-out of on-site personnel
  • First Aid, Accident Prevention, and CPR Training to client employees
  • Inspecting and maintaining on-site first aid stations
  • Fire inspections
  • Conducting emergency evacuation drills

Medical Management provides employees on-site with resources that are beyond the standard of care, including:

  • Instant reporting and in-house review of encounters
  • Management of all patient information
  • Tracking of injuries and diseases, medical incidents, and accidents by ICD, CPT, and E codes
  • Cost and outcome analysis
  • Clinic and hospital selection
  • Medical compliance
  • Preferred medical resource identification and usage
  • Transportation of injured
  • Referral management
  • Notification of unexpected outcomes

Trinity Medical Management is a cost-effective solution, due to:

  • Reduction in legal claims and expenditures
  • Elimination of lost opportunities
  • Lower lost time accidents
  • Positive safety record
  • Insurance cost effectiveness

Computer with MRI on screen