Hyperion Safety provides a full range of safety and manpower services for the oil and gas industry in both offshore and land-based operations.  Our qualified staff will customize your safety plan to improve and maintain a safety culture that is right for your operations and meets OSHA standards.  HYPERION employs a large collection of tenured, experienced safety supervisors to oversee every project with the right HSE supervisor or attendant for the job. Our safety supervisory team reduces the number of multiple contractor employees that you will need by having a centralized pool of trained safety attendants that can be dispatched and assigned to all areas of our customer’s projects.

Given today’s high cost of investment and increasing liability, no company should take a fragmented approach to compliance and safety.  Hyperion Safety Services can help your company seamlessly and cost-effectively reach and sustain its safety goals, earning a positive reputation for good safety practices. Our highly trained safety personnel provide clients with the detailed analyses, reports and solutions needed to meet the codes and regulations your company faces today and in the future.

Our Safety Services aim to:

  • Protect employees
  • Maintain safe, injury-free work environments
  • Reduce the risk of accidents, illness and injuries
  • Establish cost effective safety services
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Preserve the workforce
  • Provide measurable results
  • Preserve client’s hard-earned reputation for safety

We offer a wide array of Safety Services, including but not limited to:                              20130407_171651               

  • On-site safety technicians – up to professional degree
  • Safety program development
  • Compliance training
  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Contrator Safety Coordination
  • OSHA compliance
    • Fall Prevention / Protection
    • Confined Space
    • Respiratory Protection
  • SEMS / OSHAS 18001 internal auditing

   Some of our safety features include:

  • Onsite  HSE  Specialists
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Drilling and Work-Over H2S safety
  • Wind Socks/streamers
  • Contingency Plan Creation
  • H2S Safety Equipment
  • Certified Grade D Breathing Air
  • Supplied Air Sales
  • SCBA Inspection
  • Fire Rescue
  • H2S Certification & Training
  • Design installation calibration of H2S monitoring systems
  • OSHA Fit Testing
  • Sales/Rental H2S Monitoring System
  • Contingency planning
  • Turnarounds



With our industry changing and government agencies developing more stringent safety polices and procedures, Synergy and Hyperion Safety Services have taken a proactive position into the implementation of our SEMS program. Hyperion employs individuals whose sole responsibility is to develop and monitor our operator/contractor bridging documents.  We have joined with ISNetworld and DISA to stay connected with compliance and regulatory mandates.  Our program  incorporates the following:

  • Assist and verify documentation
  • Verify SEMS requirements and activities
  • Communicate and receive information
  • Maintain SEMS-related files & records
  • Participate in Inspections & Audits
  • Conduct rig inspections/audits
  • Observe safe work practices
  • Review permits and verify compliance
  • Attend all safety meetings
  • Audit documentation
  • Develop management of change procedures

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